Tips for 2017 – Ready… Set… Goal (FREE Download)

Darren Laver from the ISSA has produced 6 very important topics to guide you in setting goals for 2017.

It’s always a great feeling when something wonderful happens to us. But if we really desire to contribute something wonderful to the world, something that comes from a genuine place within us, we can’t go about our days waiting for things to happen to us. But making our dream into reality is not a simple matter. Even before we act upon it, the dream we want to achieve has first to be transmuted into a goal, but not just any old goal—it must be a well-formed one. Based on the Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) goal-setting model known as the “well-formed outcome,” this booklet will walk you through 6 steps designed to bring clarity to your vision and imbue your actions with greater impact and meaning. While the steps are meant to be followed chronologically (step 1, then 2, then 3, etc.), they are also useful to reconsider on their own, after first completing the program in its entirety. Now let’s get ready to set some goals!

6 very important topics:

  1. State It In The Positive
  2. Context and Boundaries
  3. Self-Achievable
  4. Advantages and Disadvantages
  5. Evidence
  6. Is It Worthwhile?

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Ready…Set…Goal (NLP Goal-Setting Booklet)

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