Tips for 2017 – Creative Thinking: How Not to Get Boxed In (FREE Download)

Darren Laver from the ISSA has produced 6 very important topics to guide you becoming more creative and not to get boxed in.  Thinking about thinking is not something most people do very often. This is probably because we spend most of our time in our own heads, so think that the way we think is just fine. But the truth is, there are a number of other ways to go about thinking, ways we simply haven’t thought of. At least not in any structured way. This booklet is meant as a friendly guide to open up your thinking. It won’t necessarily make you smarter. But it’ll give you certain tools and present exercises that will provoke nimbleness of thought and creativity, which may lay the ground for you to become “smarter” (whatever this may mean to you).

The first half includes a discussion of how we think, to how to become more aware of our assumptions, then covers lateral thinking and creativity. Because intelligence isn’t all about being able to think about thinking, the second half of the booklet covers the importance of insight and humor, with the remainder affording hands-on ways to think with more agility and daring. The final section is a reminder that we all have bodies, thinking bodies. For while intelligence (the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills) is the apparent subject of this booklet, in the final analysis, it’s the whole person that truly matters.

6 very important topics:

  1. Boxes Aplenty
  2. Awareness of Our Assumptions
  3. Lateral Thinking & Creativity
  4. Insight & Humor
  5. Using Lateral Thinking to Tell Stories
  6. Bodies, Not Boxes

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Creative Thinking How Not to Get Boxed In

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