Tips for 2017 – Connecting to Creativity: Steps Toward Reaching Your True Potential (FREE Download)

Darren Laver from the ISSA has produced 6 very important topics to guide you in living a more fulfilled and creative life. Being creative is not so much a skill one acquires, but rather an attitude that one cultivates. We all have the potential to lead more creative, richer lives. Doing so, however, takes some effort. A large part of the difficulty is our tendency to take the path of least resistance, to let obstacles and negativity drag us down. These difficulties are things we all struggle with. And more often than not, when we’re troubled, we tend to forget about the creative potential inside of us. We forget that we are all born with vast imaginations. While neither exhaustive nor strictly prescriptive, this booklet will hopefully help lead you back to your creative self. Approach it as you would a good conversation: the more intently you listen, and the more you contribute to it, the richer the conversation is, and the more you ultimately get out of it.

6 very important topics:

  1. Find Inspiration…Unless It Finds You
  2. No Such Thing as Failure
  3. Give Routine a Break, Or Spontaneous Holiday
  4. If You Think It’s Hungry, Feed Your Curiosity
  5. Stay Positive
  6. The Sudden Reward

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Creativity Booklet

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