4th April 2014 became a incredible day in the diary, we launched Canadian Soccer Akkademy and what a way to launch. We had 185 participants; we had 22 volunteers and an incredible special guest in Darren Laver who not only has been an inspiration, an invaluable mentor but also a friend in the process.

We held an adult Futsal tournament, a U16 tournament and various soccer clinics throughout the day. Our aim was not so much to promote CSA but more importantly Street Soccer in Canada! We went all out and didn’t we get some incredible feedback throughout. The clinics were put together by Darren to introduce kids to a simple but effective way of thinking. We promoted skills, friendship, learning, creativity and most important good attitude.

The event was not for profit and the response has been incredible. So incredible that we have been offered contracts with various organisations, we have been offered new and exciting programmes to lead and to top if off sponsors coming in from established brands, this is just the first time of showing what Street Soccer is all about.

Teaching the kids about having good attitude and respect has been rewarded in a huge way and we really saw that the kids WANTED to show their attitude more than anything which was to be admired. Darren did a fantastic job in helping us launch and now we have foundations we plan to fully utilise all options.

CSA is here, and we’re ready to take Canada to a new level… We believe

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