In November 2013, Darren Laver and his team from the International Street Soccer Association (ISSA) met with City’s Futsal scholars to show them the importance of becoming better decision makers, problem solvers and creative players.

Laver believes that by using the ISSA and Street Soccer as a platform, English football will soon have the tools to be able to minimise a growing concern that this country seems to not produce the amount of creative players needed to compete against the talents of Ronaldo, Messi and other inventive players across the globe.

Projects like Street Soccer are important to the Community Trust as it aims to install a genuine love for the game.  Fun and enjoyment are central because they ignite passion in players.  With passion comes curiosity.  When curiosity is linked with play we see our scholars experimenting, discovering and creating.

Laver, who is recognised as one of the leading street soccer coaches and soccer skills performer in the world, said “Bristol City Community Trust’s Futsal programme is an excellent way to gain academic qualifications as well as a great platform to play futsal and start developing a fast creative game, bringing in a style of play that is widespread across the dominating clubs in Europe.”

Female Futsal scholar Lottie Flower said, “it was a great opportunity to work with Darren and his team, i have learnt new skills that I can’t wait to use in training and game”


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