The International Street Soccer Association delivers another successful Coaching Award @ Loughborough University

The International Street Soccer Association delivers another successful Coaching Award @ Loughborough University.

This is now the 5th year the ISSA have been delivering the Street Soccer Coaching award at Loughborough University. Loughborough University is in the UK’s top 15 University with an international reputation for excellence in teaching, research and sport.

“The ISSA has delivered a Street Soccer course as part of our PGCE programme for a number of years and the prospective PE teachers we train have always evaluated the course extremely highly. The tutors engaging style of presentation is central to this, but as this course is delivered towards the end of our programme the students are well informed about, and have experience of many of the critical issues associated with effective teaching and learning, and are therefore quite discerning about the content of the course.  Without fail, the course always provides them with a range of innovative ideas that they instantly recognize as having relevance to teaching Physical Education within a secondary school context.  Standards and expectations on our course are high and the ISSA/CCA never fails to meet these and I have no hesitation in endorsing their work.”

Nick Bromell – University Teacher of Physical Education, Loughborough University’

Student Comments

“I and many of my colleagues really enjoyed the workshop and thought it was a useful insight into how football can be taught in a different way.  The warm up was particularly interesting, and again something slightly different to most of the practice we have already seen, especially the use of music and interaction with other people. From the people I spoke to, we all felt that we would attempt to try a warm up similar to this in the future”

Tom Blandford

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course! The atmosphere was brilliant and I gained loads of ideas of how to teach football in school in a different and potentially more enjoyable way. I think I’ll also endeavour to include more music in any lesson I teach as I really think it makes learning more fun”.

Hannah Jarvis

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