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The ISSA has approved Westside United FC for excellence in Street Soccer Coaching and Player Development.  Together it is our mission to facilitate the development of creative soccer players and to help players become better people and better learners. Message from Josh George (DOC) Westside United has partnered with International Street Soccer Association to help supplement our already prestigious training at WSU.  The goal of our street soccer ambition is to build creative, confident players that are willing to take chances on the field as well as become better problem solvers.  This is true in life as well.  Much of this starts at a young age but can be molded and toned the older players get as well.  We are going to begin doing some aspects of the curriculum this spring with the 3v3 inflatable fields and small sided games.  We will be in full affect for the Fall 2017-Spring 2018 season which will be communicated at a later date.  Some ideas that we have on implementing into our normal curriculum include FREE Play Saturdays with the inflatable fields during the winter, conducting of creative skills training sessions, Festivals within the club and integrating them into club cookouts, full integration in our U8-U12 age groups as a weekly event, tournaments out of state with the inflatable fields with players from other clubs, club tournaments, coach and player education, plus much, much more. We will be having a camp hosted by the ISSA this summer that is called the Creative Skills [...]

ISSA – Creative Skill Camps 2016 (Arkansas)

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"This camp should be mandatory for every kid in America who plays soccer. It offers a unique training experience that you do not find in any other soccer camps. First, it is fun, and the kids leave smiling and enthused about playing soccer. The ones I know wanted to keep a ball at their foot at home for the entire week thanks to what happens during the three hours of camp. Second, this camp teaches creative thinking in the game, an area typically lacking in this country as too often kids have the creativity beaten out of them by screaming adults on the sidelines. Third, Darren Laver has an incredible perspective and approach on youth soccer. Some of the advice he gives to the kids during the camp is just brilliant. My son left camp after the first day with an expression that said this is the soccer experience he has been looking for, and it is the one camp where you can actually see it make a difference during the following season. Thank goodness this camp came to our area." Matt Dishongh (Parent / Coach)