NIKE FOOTBALL X – RETAILER EVENT – ISSA works with NIKE Football X (YassineAbderrahim)

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544373397_SH_5635_FFE1C25C24417E85E950C30D257F046CTHE NIKE FOOTBALL X BRIEF

The aim of the event is to have the retailer delve into the world of street football. We want our retailers to train and play like the top streetballers in their estate, their area, their endz. Taken away the stadiums, the pristine grass and the 3 sets of boots your sponsor has left you with an astro-turf under a bridge in East London to face off for nothing more than bragging rights to which retailer “really balls the HARDEST”.

Equipped with our newest innovation to hit the streets, the Mercurial X/Magista X Proximo, our retailers will be put through their paces thanks to our elite Nike academy coaches, whilst being educated by our EKINS on the differences between silos; all culminating to a remixed rulebook.

“I want to start by saying, thank you for all your support that the ISSA has provided and the intro to one of the ISSA’s Street Soccer coaches Yassine Abderrahim. He was brilliant, for our event he definitely brought an authentic voice from the world of street football which elevated the event giving our retailers a better understanding of Football X the concept and its origins. The ISSA’s street football clinic was really received very well by our retailers and brought another aspect of football which was new and different to our Nike coaches and the 11 aside game, in which Nike football X represents so it was a perfect fit”



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