The ISSA has approved ETA for excellence in Street Soccer Coaching and Player Development.  Together it is our mission to facilitate the development of creative soccer players and to help players become better people and better learners.

Message from Eric Stauffer (Director)

Innovation in a reluctant culture can be difficult and downright impossible at times.  As we look at the fundamental changes happening in the world of soccer especially here in the US, we are seeing a shift in that reluctance.  The VYSA jumped into Futsal in 2017.  Some of the US Developmental Academies are now implementing Futsal training.  Futsal is something that has been but a fringe culture here in the US.  However, everyone is seeing the value in small sided controlled play that this brings.  Most of the countries that produce the top players in the world play Futsal.  Small sided games with a heavy ball on an open court.  This emphasizes skill, control and speed of play.

Many players in these countries also played Street Soccer.  Street Soccer showcases ball control and skill.  Players are confident, quick thinking and can rapidly adapt to their environment.  In short, they are creative.  They understand how the ball moves, how to move in tight spaces and how to get out of those spaces.  They play small games but see the movement of everything around them.  Street Soccer is chaotic.  Out of this chaos vision is born.

The qualities of this type of skill has been studied by Darren Laver and the ISSA.  It has been honed by the countless hours that Darren and everyone involved in this organization has spent learning and doing.  The ISSA has taken creativity and broken it down into small things that translate into control and vision.  Our partnership with the ISSA allows us to bring these lessons to the coaches and players involved in ETA.

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