In 2010, Mr. Laver was approached by ‘Wayland’ book publishers to assist in the writing, images and production of the ‘Street Football’ book.  Wayland has been at the forefront of information resources for nearly 40 years, offering an extensive range of quality non-fiction books for use in schools, libraries and the home. Thoroughly researched text and excellent visuals make them perfect for classroom teaching, project work and homework help.

Wayland is committed to making educational books that will promote learning, satisfy the National Curriculum requirements and instill a lifelong love of reading.

Due to market research, Wayland realized street football is taking the world of urban street sports by storm and wanted to be the first and best provider of the Street football resources. Wayland publishers recognized Mr. Laver as one of the leading icons in the street soccer scene, Mr. Laver became a consultant for the book providing detailed information on street soccer moves, images of moves, stories from other street players from across the world and Darren also provided a 2 page spread on himself explaining how he got into street soccer, how he is recognized as one of the best performers in the world and how he became one of most respected practitioners in Street Soccer coaching.

Sarah Eason (co Author)

“Darren provided outstanding help and advice during the course of producing a book about Street Football. His help has been invaluable and he has been incredibly willing to go above and beyond the call of duty to assist us throughout the project. His enthusiastic approach, positive attitude and overall exceptional knowledge of his subject area has meant that we have been able to produce a book unlike any other currently on the market. We have found Darren and absolute pleasure to work with and would thoroughly recommend him to anyone as an invaluable source of information and expertise”.

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