CCA Level 2 Award in Creative Soccer Coaching (Ben Holman)

On completion of my CCA level 2 I had to reflect on my coaching, previous to the course, and ask myself why I had coached the way I did. My conclusion was that previous coaching courses had told me to coach that way and my personal experience of ‘old fashioned’ coaches had rubbed off on me. After the course I was coaching in a specific while adopting a unique philosophy not because I had been told too but because I thoroughly understood the rational behind the CCA level 2 course content. Darren delivered a course full of valuable information, with high quality examples and provided both scientific and historical rationales. The course was delivered in both practical and classroom based environments to such a high a quality that it made veteran university lecturers look amateur.  The course is a must for any football coach out there regardless of age, and further more, I believe the course is suitable for any sports coach out there and anyone who is trying to develop children in a sporting or non-sporting context. From how to create the optimal learning environment to nurturing creativity in children  and the positives of allowing children autonomy the course covers it all.
Ben Holman – Sports Development and Coaching Graduate, Northumbria University’
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