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Ronaq Mussa – A product of PLAYERZONE.TV

Ronaq Mussa - A product of My Son Ronaq has been using the Player Zone for a couple of years now and is extremely enjoying it. I like to thank you and the ISSA for such a great idea.  I recommend players Zone to anyone who wants to improve their technical ability, creative skill and overall game play.

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The difference between Street soccer and traditional coaching methods (ISSA)

The traditional approach to coaching, because of its structured nature, leads to performers being mechanical. Typically, players who have been coached in a traditional way respond to situations in a prescriptive way, rather than spontaneous. Street Soccer encourages players to be more innovative and expressive. In Street Soccer coaching there are no right or wrong answers to a given problem. Because players are encouraged to develop their own solutions, they are able to try new ways of performing skills. The rules that are imposed on players learning tend to restrict the development of the new skills. If a player is told how to kick a ball, they don’t get the chance to experiment with different ways, and create new ways. In soccer, coaches teach the ‘Cruyff’ turn. But think how the ‘Cruyff’ turn was developed, before it became a part of the coaching manual. It was invented by a player, who must have been experimenting with ways to turn, and trying new things. How many more ‘Cruyff’ turns are there? Traditional coaching, done according to the ‘textbook’ also tries to mould every player to play a certain way. It could be seen like a factory, churning out ‘model’ players. In comparison, street soccer recognises each player as an individual and develop each play as unique. Many teachers and learning theorists may agree that discovery is a very successful means of learning. Retention rates are reportedly higher in discovery learning, rather than situations where learners are provided with knowledge. This principle is the same for movement patterns and motor skills development. When you start applying the street soccer coaching methods, more of these differences will become obvious to you. Street soccer is a system of coaching. It is based on the experiences and works of the International Street Soccer Association (ISSA) where we continually show that coaching can be done more effective than the traditional method. What do we base our coaching on? No answers provided, encourages solutions to be developed Based on encouraging players to learn, rather than giving them knowledge Encourages natural creativity Based on the recognition that the right and left hemispheres of the brain have specific jobs Based on utilising a person’s inherent learning abilities – discovery Does not impose predetermined techniques. It lets players develop their own natural technique Recognises the contribution of the whole person to learning Covers the range of coaching from skill development, creativity to advanced tactical awareness Utilises many alternative methods of coaching Based on the fundamental principles of learning Based on the psychology of ‘flow’ and optimal performance Questions the rules and boundaries imposed by traditional methods How did you learn skills when you were a young child? Who taught you to walk? Who taught you to pick things up, grasp, sit, kneel etc? The answer is that no-one taught you, but you still learned to these things. Street Soccer coaching is based on the fact that human beings are naturally very good learners. The principles of Street Soccer coaching aim [...]

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ISSA Prepares Soccer Coaches For Thomson Holidays

“I found the ISSA coaches workshop very interesting, the tutors were fantastic, they had time to speak and go through techniques with every single one of my guys….It has most definitely broadened my mind in coaching, everything from letting kids just play, creating a learning environment, to the street moves and the different warm up drills. As it’s now Low season here in Egypt, I am using these warm up (coordination drills) with the children and its adding that extra fun into my sessions. Our coaches all received a Coaches Guide to Street Soccer handbook, I was able to read this fully on my flight and it’s a massive eye opener. I have been coaching nearly 9 years now and have my UEFA B license and again reading the book, it makes me re think what I have done regarding my coaching and what was beneficial and helping learning. I love the small-sided games using a variety of problem solving games etc such as ‘mines’. I use ISSA games in my sessions as it gets the players to make their own decision and solve problems. Thanks again to the ISSA it was a pleasure and I would highly recommend your company and street soccer to anybody” Steven Parker Thomson Holidays TUI GROUP TUI UK & Ireland Holiday Village Red Sea

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NIKE FOOTBALL X – RETAILER EVENT – ISSA works with NIKE Football X (YassineAbderrahim)

[gdl_gallery title="Nike" width="90" height="64" galid="1" ] THE NIKE FOOTBALL X BRIEF The aim of the event is to have the retailer delve into the world of street football. We want our retailers to train and play like the top streetballers in their estate, their area, their endz. Taken away the stadiums, the pristine grass and the 3 sets of boots your sponsor has left you with an astro-turf under a bridge in East London to face off for nothing more than bragging rights to which retailer “really balls the HARDEST”. Equipped with our newest innovation to hit the streets, the Mercurial X/Magista X Proximo, our retailers will be put through their paces thanks to our elite Nike academy coaches, whilst being educated by our EKINS on the differences between silos; all culminating to a remixed rulebook. “I want to start by saying, thank you for all your support that the ISSA has provided and the intro to one of the ISSA’s Street Soccer coaches Yassine Abderrahim. He was brilliant, for our event he definitely brought an authentic voice from the world of street football which elevated the event giving our retailers a better understanding of Football X the concept and its origins. The ISSA’s street football clinic was really received very well by our retailers and brought another aspect of football which was new and different to our Nike coaches and the 11 aside game, in which Nike football X represents so it was a perfect fit” JOSEPH AMANFO - Football Brand EKIN  

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The Street Skills Academy (ISSA) runs a training program at the YMCA Nashville Tennessee


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“I was introduced to ISSA and the culture of street soccer via the I was immediately drawn to the coaching methodology of ISSA as it fosters problem solving, creativity and facilitates play as the unpinning philosophy for athlete development. As Darren DOC for the ISSA describes: “I base my coaching on gardening. Gardeners depend upon making plants grow and having healthy plants flourish,the irony is they can’t make it happen. Plants grow themselves what gardeners know is there are certain conditions where its more likely to happen and their jobis to provide those conditions.I think the same is exactly true with human beings, in certain conditions we flourish and in some we wont”. At the MOTIV8MEFOOTBALL ACADEMY we realize that there is more than one way to solve a problem, and that through fostering an environment that challenges the norm of soccer practices by playing soccer and encouraging athletes to make mistakes, as it is through mistakesand play that learning is enhanced. As a coach using ISSA methods, I have had dramatic improvements with the results of our performances on the field. In addition to these positive results on the field, my athletes are excited to attend every training session as they are in a fun environment which is facilitating their growth as a person, athlete, and team. ISSA has allowed myself and my athletes to be unpredictable in our attack and in addition to making every player on the pitch an offensive threat, which is a priceless. As an official Licensee of the ISSA my mission is to bring to Australia a methodology of training that can accelerate the development our athletes, mentally, physically, technically, and tactically that can help Australia break through, and not only compete with the best countries in the world, but raise Australia to the top of the FIFA rankings table. Here is our first official camp partner with the ISSA to run their famous Creative Skills Camps. If you would like to experience the very best in Street please contact me on: Jimmy Kitsana MUONGSENE at MOTIV8MEFOOTBALL ACADEMY Email: or Phone: 0403 042 014

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