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Street Soccer in Match Day Program (Great Read)

By | 2017-07-05T12:29:44+00:00 May 2nd, 2017|Soccer Stories|

Regulars to this page will know I frequently write about philosophy and the merits of the English game. Whilst there are no doubts lessons to be learned, in this article I would like to look at some of the more theoretical aspects of learning and coaching from some great innovators in the game. One thing I think we need to establish is that perhaps there are things we can learn about the past in how coaching was undertaken and the game played but also new ideas we can blend in. It is only by being totally open minded and receptive to new ideas can we truly push the boundaries of what we can teach our younger players. One thing we do here a lot about is how in the past young players would come in from school, grab a ball and play on the street. Even as recent as Wayne Rooney he describes such things and how it influenced his game. Equally we aware that the streets are different, there are more distractions for young players in the form of electronic equipment, social media and safety on the streets and in parks. BUT be under no illusion, we have to let our players play and it is only through play do they learn, adapt, make decisions and ultimately have fun. In a setting like this we can truly learn. "Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up" - Pablo Picasso During [...]


By | 2017-07-05T12:17:00+00:00 April 7th, 2017|Soccer Stories|

Elite Training Academy – AN OFFICIAL ISSA TRAINING PROVIDER The ISSA has approved ETA for excellence in Street Soccer Coaching and Player Development.  Together it is our mission to facilitate the development of creative soccer players and to help players become better people and better learners. Message from Eric Stauffer (Director) Innovation in a reluctant culture can be difficult and downright impossible at times.  As we look at the fundamental changes happening in the world of soccer especially here in the US, we are seeing a shift in that reluctance.  The VYSA jumped into Futsal in 2017.  Some of the US Developmental Academies are now implementing Futsal training.  Futsal is something that has been but a fringe culture here in the US.  However, everyone is seeing the value in small sided controlled play that this brings.  Most of the countries that produce the top players in the world play Futsal.  Small sided games with a heavy ball on an open court.  This emphasizes skill, control and speed of play. Many players in these countries also played Street Soccer.  Street Soccer showcases ball control and skill.  Players are confident, quick thinking and can rapidly adapt to their environment.  In short, they are creative.  They understand how the ball moves, how to move in tight spaces and how to get out of those spaces.  They play small games but see the movement of everything around them.  Street Soccer is chaotic.  Out of this chaos vision is born. The qualities of this type [...]


By | 2017-07-05T12:24:30+00:00 April 5th, 2017|Soccer Stories|

The ISSA has approved Westside United FC for excellence in Street Soccer Coaching and Player Development.  Together it is our mission to facilitate the development of creative soccer players and to help players become better people and better learners. Message from Josh George (DOC) Westside United has partnered with International Street Soccer Association to help supplement our already prestigious training at WSU.  The goal of our street soccer ambition is to build creative, confident players that are willing to take chances on the field as well as become better problem solvers.  This is true in life as well.  Much of this starts at a young age but can be molded and toned the older players get as well.  We are going to begin doing some aspects of the curriculum this spring with the 3v3 inflatable fields and small sided games.  We will be in full affect for the Fall 2017-Spring 2018 season which will be communicated at a later date.  Some ideas that we have on implementing into our normal curriculum include FREE Play Saturdays with the inflatable fields during the winter, conducting of creative skills training sessions, Festivals within the club and integrating them into club cookouts, full integration in our U8-U12 age groups as a weekly event, tournaments out of state with the inflatable fields with players from other clubs, club tournaments, coach and player education, plus much, much more. We will be having a camp hosted by the ISSA this summer that is called the Creative Skills [...]

Is Ancient Wisdom the Way Forward (Coaching Soccer)

By | 2017-07-05T12:25:23+00:00 January 26th, 2017|Soccer Stories|

The alternatives to the structured, curriculum-led approaches may appear to be ‘new age’, but in reality that sentiment could not be further from the truth. In recent years, some have come to appreciate the inherent value of ancient wisdom. The teachings of the great philosophers of Ancient Greece are as valid today as they were 2000 years ago. They simply have endured the tests of time. The principles behind the methods of Socrates are now being applied to education, sport psychology and sports coaching. Perhaps these methods are a way forward in our quest to help our players to learn. Read full article here by Darren Laver (Director of Coaching for the ISSA) Is ancient wisdom the way forward

Tips for 2017 – Creative Thinking: How Not to Get Boxed In (FREE Download)

By | 2017-07-05T12:26:38+00:00 January 13th, 2017|Soccer Stories|

Darren Laver from the ISSA has produced 6 very important topics to guide you becoming more creative and not to get boxed in.  Thinking about thinking is not something most people do very often. This is probably because we spend most of our time in our own heads, so think that the way we think is just fine. But the truth is, there are a number of other ways to go about thinking, ways we simply haven’t thought of. At least not in any structured way. This booklet is meant as a friendly guide to open up your thinking. It won’t necessarily make you smarter. But it’ll give you certain tools and present exercises that will provoke nimbleness of thought and creativity, which may lay the ground for you to become “smarter” (whatever this may mean to you). The first half includes a discussion of how we think, to how to become more aware of our assumptions, then covers lateral thinking and creativity. Because intelligence isn’t all about being able to think about thinking, the second half of the booklet covers the importance of insight and humor, with the remainder affording hands-on ways to think with more agility and daring. The final section is a reminder that we all have bodies, thinking bodies. For while intelligence (the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills) is the apparent subject of this booklet, in the final analysis, it’s the whole person that truly matters. 6 very important topics: Boxes Aplenty Awareness [...]

Tips for 2017 – Connecting to Creativity: Steps Toward Reaching Your True Potential (FREE Download)

By | 2017-07-05T12:27:39+00:00 January 13th, 2017|Soccer Stories|

Darren Laver from the ISSA has produced 6 very important topics to guide you in living a more fulfilled and creative life. Being creative is not so much a skill one acquires, but rather an attitude that one cultivates. We all have the potential to lead more creative, richer lives. Doing so, however, takes some effort. A large part of the difficulty is our tendency to take the path of least resistance, to let obstacles and negativity drag us down. These difficulties are things we all struggle with. And more often than not, when we’re troubled, we tend to forget about the creative potential inside of us. We forget that we are all born with vast imaginations. While neither exhaustive nor strictly prescriptive, this booklet will hopefully help lead you back to your creative self. Approach it as you would a good conversation: the more intently you listen, and the more you contribute to it, the richer the conversation is, and the more you ultimately get out of it. 6 very important topics: Find Inspiration…Unless It Finds You No Such Thing as Failure Give Routine a Break, Or Spontaneous Holiday If You Think It’s Hungry, Feed Your Curiosity Stay Positive The Sudden Reward Download Here Creativity Booklet

Tips for 2017 – The Tools You Already Have (FREE Download)

By | 2017-01-13T12:15:49+00:00 January 13th, 2017|Soccer Stories|

Darren Laver from the ISSA has produced 6 very important topics to guide you in setting goals and how to take action to achieve your goals.  Often the goal we want to achieve remains just that, a goal. The difficulty to achieving it lies in not having a way to do so. We can just wing it and try everything in the book, but our haphazard efforts will only tire us out and leave us frustrated. This makes it all too easy to give up. Thus we can be our own worst enemies. But when we have a clear and robust process, one that is up to the task of getting us to where we want to go, we have a very good shot of finding some kind of success. This booklet, based on the Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) process, presents powerful tools for those who are serious about improving their skills. NLP stresses that words matter, especially the words and thoughts you use to talk about yourself, because such things really do affect your brain. The process has the added benefit of promoting, if not demanding, personal growth. Additionally, NLP has the flexibility to suit your own unique way of learning, while still maintaining a clear procedural structure. Ultimately, the hope is that NLP helps you find practices to bring out the best in you, as well as ways to further build on those qualities. 6 very important topics: The Well-Formed Outcome Playing the Sedulous Ape Durability, Dedication and [...]

Tips for 2017 – Ready… Set… Goal (FREE Download)

By | 2017-01-13T12:11:33+00:00 January 13th, 2017|Soccer Stories|

Darren Laver from the ISSA has produced 6 very important topics to guide you in setting goals for 2017. It’s always a great feeling when something wonderful happens to us. But if we really desire to contribute something wonderful to the world, something that comes from a genuine place within us, we can’t go about our days waiting for things to happen to us. But making our dream into reality is not a simple matter. Even before we act upon it, the dream we want to achieve has first to be transmuted into a goal, but not just any old goal—it must be a well-formed one. Based on the Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) goal-setting model known as the “well-formed outcome,” this booklet will walk you through 6 steps designed to bring clarity to your vision and imbue your actions with greater impact and meaning. While the steps are meant to be followed chronologically (step 1, then 2, then 3, etc.), they are also useful to reconsider on their own, after first completing the program in its entirety. Now let’s get ready to set some goals! 6 very important topics: State It In The Positive Context and Boundaries Self-Achievable Advantages and Disadvantages Evidence Is It Worthwhile? Download Here Ready...Set...Goal (NLP Goal-Setting Booklet)

Street Soccer: The Coaches’ Guide: Coaching People, Creating Players – by Darren Laver

By | 2017-01-12T19:03:39+00:00 January 12th, 2017|Soccer Stories|

New Coaching Book OUT NOW Street soccer is exciting, creative, and fun. But even the most creative players need a good coach to realize their potential. This book to street soccer coaching is written by the founder of the International Street Soccer Association (ISSA), and is an informative, practical, and easy-to-use handbook for soccer coaches of all levels. The best way to nurture creativity is to have an optimal learning environment. The ISSA has spent decades developing the best and most efficient coaching methods to create such an environment and shape better players and teams. In the book, these methods and strategies are detailed for every street soccer coach, whether coaching a grassroots team or a professional club. Street Soccer: The Coaches Guide contains 50 games small sided and 1-v-1that coaches can try out with their players in order to become more successful and still have fun. This book presents a fresh, modern, creative and holistic form of soccer coaching in an informative and easy-to-use format. It will help everyone become a great street soccer coach and learn a creative, efficient, and dynamic way to coach the beautiful game. BUY NOW AT - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Street-Soccer-Coaches-Coaching-Creating/dp/1782550879

Welcoming Mark Tiernan to the ISSA family (ISSA Training License Provider)

By | 2017-01-12T18:53:57+00:00 January 12th, 2017|Soccer Stories|

Street Soccer Ireland is a uniquely fun & creative approach to soccer skills coaching. Head coach Mark Tiernan, delivers high energy workshops where kids can express themselves freely with a football at their feet. Small-sided games, skills coaching & team building exercises are blended with music to give a truly engaging soccer experience for all ages.

ISSA – Creative Skill Camps 2016 (Arkansas)

By | 2016-07-14T14:26:09+00:00 July 14th, 2016|Soccer Stories|

"This camp should be mandatory for every kid in America who plays soccer. It offers a unique training experience that you do not find in any other soccer camps. First, it is fun, and the kids leave smiling and enthused about playing soccer. The ones I know wanted to keep a ball at their foot at home for the entire week thanks to what happens during the three hours of camp. Second, this camp teaches creative thinking in the game, an area typically lacking in this country as too often kids have the creativity beaten out of them by screaming adults on the sidelines. Third, Darren Laver has an incredible perspective and approach on youth soccer. Some of the advice he gives to the kids during the camp is just brilliant. My son left camp after the first day with an expression that said this is the soccer experience he has been looking for, and it is the one camp where you can actually see it make a difference during the following season. Thank goodness this camp came to our area." Matt Dishongh (Parent / Coach)

Darren Laver and the ISSA joins the Street Soccer Foundation – Sierra Leone

By | 2016-03-29T19:50:05+00:00 March 29th, 2016|Soccer Stories|

Street Soccer Foundation – Sierra Leone is a recognised youth serving charity that is working closely with the Ministry of Sport, Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender and children`s Affairs and the National Youth Commission in Sierra Leone. We have been very instrumental in facilitating the develop of creative football players and inspiring young people to change their own lives through the power of football. Implementing educational programmes aimed at promoting leadership and sustainability. Used football as a means of engaging children and young people living both in shelter and on the road. We touch the lives of children and young people and make a significant change through the beautiful game of football. The Foundation, and our members, are committed to ensuring safe environments for children and young people and believe that it is always unacceptable for a child or young person to experience abuse of any kind. We recognise our responsibility to safeguard the welfare of all children and young people, by a commitment to recommend best practice which protects them. We have long held in esteem and chosen Mr. Laver as a board member of the Sierra Leone Street Soccer Foundation. His value to our organization is critical, as his role consists of determining the organization’s mission and vision. He is also responsible for reviewing and judging performance of other coaches. Furthermore, as a board member, he oversees our endeavour to ensure adequate resources, manage resources effectively, determine, monitor, and strengthen the Foundation’s funding priorities and programs, enhance the [...]

Talent ID (Soccer) – Rasmus Ankersen’s Gold Mine Affect

By | 2016-01-20T20:59:00+00:00 January 20th, 2016|Soccer Stories|

Talent ID (Soccer) - Rasmus Ankersen’s Gold Mine Affect This article will give you a practical view of how Rasmus Ankersen’s Gold Mine Affect can be used in talent identification. In his book titled “Gold Mine Effect: Crack the Secrets of High Performance” (2013), Rasmus Ankersen sets out a rather controversial view of performance and its consequences. The most attractive aspect of the work is its ability to speak to athletes, parents, guardians, coaches, clubs and anyone else that has an interest in sports. The premise of the book is that there are many great athletes out there in some of the poorest parts of the world but they are not picked up because the talent scouts in Western developed societies tend to favor the finished products of athletes who have been given every advantage and are therefore able to perform well on cue. In many ways the book explains why backwater countries like Jamaica, Ethiopia and Kenya are beginning to dominate Olympic and other athletic events. Although the phenomenon has not yet spread to soccer, there are signs that a lot is being missed. If one was to look at the English Premier League or its French counterpart, it is quite clear that many players from these parts of the world are being recruited to bolster national teams. Basically the book talks of six gold mines which are countries that currently produce or will most likely produce some of the best athletes in the world. Interestingly the gold mines [...]

Street Soccer skills sessions are coming to town

By | 2016-01-18T11:41:00+00:00 January 18th, 2016|Soccer Stories|

WITH his Street Soccer Akkademy (SSA) having been very successful in Canada, Ady Beasley has come back to his roots to bring a new and exciting programme to the youth of Redditch. The programme is a very unique concept and allows players to learn through playing and having fun with their friends. Director Ady has dedicated his life to learning new ways of coaching the beautiful game and now has one mission – to give youngsters their game back. Having travelled throughout Europe and Canada, Ady has also educated very bright students from Loughborough and Bournemouth University, along with working with Darren Laver and the International Street Soccer Association (ISSA) on holiday camps with Thomas Cook, and has decided to bring the game home. Ady said: “Street Soccer has many different styles played all over the world but what we consider Street Soccer to be is fluid play, faints, deception and extensive use of ground work as well as goals, nutmegs and creative moves to beat your opponent. “Technique and strategy are the key elements of playing a good game. “Anyone who watches a game will be able to see creativity in players and identify moments of creative flair. Players like Messi, Ronaldinho, Kaka and Ronaldo, to name a few, are some of the most creative and arguably the best.” The SSA will be staging evening and weekend programmes in and around Redditch to start with for youngsters between the ages of five and 15, along with a class for [...]

ISSA and the Indy Eleven

By | 2015-11-04T14:13:48+00:00 November 4th, 2015|Soccer Stories|

My name in Guy-Jo Gordon, Director of Community Relations for the Indy Eleven.  Indy Eleven is an American Professional Soccer team based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Founded in 2013. As part of our community programs we were looking for a particular soccer session/event that would excite, engage and inspire young players.  We then came across the International Street Soccer Association (ISSA) and invited them to coach and perform their creative skills at some of our events including the Annual Mayor's Futsal Cup, which involved 32 teams from 32 countries.  The ISSA exhibited their street soccer skills by performing in front of crowds in excess of 5000, and competed against individual challengers, demonstrating outstanding ability to play the game of soccer in a creative, functional manner. The ISSA have a tremendous creative talent, and their abilities to inspire youth and adults is unmatched. I would like to finish by saying that the ISSA has an extremely unique concept, it is an extraordinary world-class organization, with talented coaches and players, and they are all great with young people of all ages and abilities. Comes highly recommended as the best creative Street Soccer coaching company I have ever been involved with. Guy-Jo Gordon Director, Community Relations Indy Eleven | North American Soccer League


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So what makes a great coach or world class coach? Is it the people who consistently win prizes? Are they the trainers that land on talented individuals and then glory in their success? Is it those coaches that drive athletes to distraction? My experience is that the great coaches are often to be found in the most unusual places. They are the ones that have been able to withstand and survive the drudgery of the community team. They are the ones who are able to set up a competent team despite the lack of local support and the total absence of funds. These are the people that build relationships that last a lifetime. They get on with parents and athletes alike. Through this social capital and ability to relate, the world class coach is able to lay the ground for the glory of the athlete. They are an instrument in the wheel of fortune that is competitive sports. Quite often they will not be acknowledged but their satisfaction is the athlete that finally comes into their own. It is a glorious thing to get miracles from nothing. This is not to denigrate those who have been coaches and have achieved moderate or even great success. They are part of the industry but we cannot in all honesty refer to them as great coaches. That accolade is preserved for the select few that have the ambition, drive, vision and organizational skills that are required in order to deliver top grade performances. [...]

Street Skills Academy – YMCA / Eagle Express Soccer Club

By | 2015-05-21T20:21:09+00:00 May 21st, 2015|Soccer Stories|

“I have been around a lot of player development opportunities over the last decade, but the camps and clinics provided by Darren Laver and ISSA are second to none! Our players have come away vastly improved not only technically with touch and footskill, but more importantly far superior in creativity and composure while making decisions at game speed. The tempo and coaching methodology employed by Darren and his staff promote a fun yet productive environment for the players to thrive in and they absolutely love it. If I only had one camp or clinic to offer to our players, it would be Darren and ISSA!” Barry VonLobstein, Eagle Express Soccer Club, Director of Coaching, May 2015

Ronaq Mussa – A product of PLAYERZONE.TV

By | 2015-05-04T15:34:38+00:00 May 4th, 2015|Soccer Stories|

Ronaq Mussa - A product of PlayersZone.tv My Son Ronaq has been using the Player Zone for a couple of years now and is extremely enjoying it. I like to thank you and the ISSA for such a great idea.  I recommend players Zone to anyone who wants to improve their technical ability, creative skill and overall game play. http://youtu.be/hyDI1bvWfs8

The difference between Street soccer and traditional coaching methods (ISSA)

By | 2015-04-30T15:23:48+00:00 April 30th, 2015|Soccer Stories|

The traditional approach to coaching, because of its structured nature, leads to performers being mechanical. Typically, players who have been coached in a traditional way respond to situations in a prescriptive way, rather than spontaneous. Street Soccer encourages players to be more innovative and expressive. In Street Soccer coaching there are no right or wrong answers to a given problem. Because players are encouraged to develop their own solutions, they are able to try new ways of performing skills. The rules that are imposed on players learning tend to restrict the development of the new skills. If a player is told how to kick a ball, they don’t get the chance to experiment with different ways, and create new ways. In soccer, coaches teach the ‘Cruyff’ turn. But think how the ‘Cruyff’ turn was developed, before it became a part of the coaching manual. It was invented by a player, who must have been experimenting with ways to turn, and trying new things. How many more ‘Cruyff’ turns are there? Traditional coaching, done according to the ‘textbook’ also tries to mould every player to play a certain way. It could be seen like a factory, churning out ‘model’ players. In comparison, street soccer recognises each player as an individual and develop each play as unique. Many teachers and learning theorists may agree that discovery is a very successful means of learning. Retention rates are reportedly higher in discovery learning, rather than situations where learners are provided with knowledge. This principle [...]

ISSA Prepares Soccer Coaches For Thomson Holidays

By | 2015-04-28T23:18:06+00:00 April 28th, 2015|Soccer Stories|

“I found the ISSA coaches workshop very interesting, the tutors were fantastic, they had time to speak and go through techniques with every single one of my guys….It has most definitely broadened my mind in coaching, everything from letting kids just play, creating a learning environment, to the street moves and the different warm up drills. As it’s now Low season here in Egypt, I am using these warm up (coordination drills) with the children and its adding that extra fun into my sessions. Our coaches all received a Coaches Guide to Street Soccer handbook, I was able to read this fully on my flight and it’s a massive eye opener. I have been coaching nearly 9 years now and have my UEFA B license and again reading the book, it makes me re think what I have done regarding my coaching and what was beneficial and helping learning. I love the small-sided games using a variety of problem solving games etc such as ‘mines’. I use ISSA games in my sessions as it gets the players to make their own decision and solve problems. Thanks again to the ISSA it was a pleasure and I would highly recommend your company and street soccer to anybody” Steven Parker Thomson Holidays TUI GROUP TUI UK & Ireland Holiday Village Red Sea

NIKE FOOTBALL X – RETAILER EVENT – ISSA works with NIKE Football X (YassineAbderrahim)

By | 2015-04-19T13:45:25+00:00 April 19th, 2015|Soccer Stories|

[gdl_gallery title="Nike" width="90" height="64" galid="1" ] THE NIKE FOOTBALL X BRIEF The aim of the event is to have the retailer delve into the world of street football. We want our retailers to train and play like the top streetballers in their estate, their area, their endz. Taken away the stadiums, the pristine grass and the 3 sets of boots your sponsor has left you with an astro-turf under a bridge in East London to face off for nothing more than bragging rights to which retailer “really balls the HARDEST”. Equipped with our newest innovation to hit the streets, the Mercurial X/Magista X Proximo, our retailers will be put through their paces thanks to our elite Nike academy coaches, whilst being educated by our EKINS on the differences between silos; all culminating to a remixed rulebook. “I want to start by saying, thank you for all your support that the ISSA has provided and the intro to one of the ISSA’s Street Soccer coaches Yassine Abderrahim. He was brilliant, for our event he definitely brought an authentic voice from the world of street football which elevated the event giving our retailers a better understanding of Football X the concept and its origins. The ISSA’s street football clinic was really received very well by our retailers and brought another aspect of football which was new and different to our Nike coaches and the 11 aside game, in which Nike football X represents so it was a perfect fit” JOSEPH AMANFO - [...]


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“I was introduced to ISSA and the culture of street soccer via the internationalstreetsoccer.com. I was immediately drawn to the coaching methodology of ISSA as it fosters problem solving, creativity and facilitates play as the unpinning philosophy for athlete development. As Darren DOC for the ISSA describes: “I base my coaching on gardening. Gardeners depend upon making plants grow and having healthy plants flourish,the irony is they can’t make it happen. Plants grow themselves what gardeners know is there are certain conditions where its more likely to happen and their jobis to provide those conditions.I think the same is exactly true with human beings, in certain conditions we flourish and in some we wont”. At the MOTIV8MEFOOTBALL ACADEMY we realize that there is more than one way to solve a problem, and that through fostering an environment that challenges the norm of soccer practices by playing soccer and encouraging athletes to make mistakes, as it is through mistakesand play that learning is enhanced. As a coach using ISSA methods, I have had dramatic improvements with the results of our performances on the field. In addition to these positive results on the field, my athletes are excited to attend every training session as they are in a fun environment which is facilitating their growth as a person, athlete, and team. ISSA has allowed myself and my athletes to be unpredictable in our attack and in addition to making every player on the pitch an offensive threat, which is a priceless. As [...]

Does our coaching actually help players learn? (NSCAA Coaching Journal – March 2015)

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Does our coaching actually help players learn? (NSCAA Coaching Journal) Darren Laver discusses the concerns with coaching vs learning and the development of Street Soccer. Back to the Future: Is Ancient Wisdom the Way Forward? Darren Laver discusses the concerns with coaching vs learning and the development of Street Soccer. If the aim of coaching is to help players learn then perhaps our coaching methods need to be turned around. Maybe we should adopt a method that supports learning, rather than one that imposes coaching. Perhaps our model should appreciate that the learner dictates the agenda in reality, not the coach or the curriculum. Find the article in the 2015 March/April addition Soccer Journal is the Official Publication of the NSCAA and is one of the few magazines in the world produced exclusively for soccer coaches. Each issue contains technical and tactical articles, news and updates on important events, thoughts from opinion leaders in the sport and features on the interesting people and issues of the game.

The International Street Soccer Association delivers another successful Coaching Award @ Loughborough University

By | 2015-03-11T12:26:17+00:00 March 11th, 2015|Soccer Stories|

The International Street Soccer Association delivers another successful Coaching Award @ Loughborough University. This is now the 5th year the ISSA have been delivering the Street Soccer Coaching award at Loughborough University. Loughborough University is in the UK’s top 15 University with an international reputation for excellence in teaching, research and sport. “The ISSA has delivered a Street Soccer course as part of our PGCE programme for a number of years and the prospective PE teachers we train have always evaluated the course extremely highly. The tutors engaging style of presentation is central to this, but as this course is delivered towards the end of our programme the students are well informed about, and have experience of many of the critical issues associated with effective teaching and learning, and are therefore quite discerning about the content of the course.  Without fail, the course always provides them with a range of innovative ideas that they instantly recognize as having relevance to teaching Physical Education within a secondary school context.  Standards and expectations on our course are high and the ISSA/CCA never fails to meet these and I have no hesitation in endorsing their work.” Nick Bromell - University Teacher of Physical Education, Loughborough University’ Student Comments “I and many of my colleagues really enjoyed the workshop and thought it was a useful insight into how football can be taught in a different way.  The warm up was particularly interesting, and again something slightly different to most of the practice we have already seen, especially the use of music and interaction with other people. From the people I spoke to, we all felt that we would attempt to try [...]

ISSA Street Soccer Training (Creativity)

By | 2015-02-06T15:50:18+00:00 February 6th, 2015|Soccer Stories|

The FA Coaching Strategy specifically identifies the need to develop coaching programs which improve the creativity of players. Anyone who watches the game will be able to see creativity in players and identify moments of creative flair. However, in order to help foster creativity in players, we need to understand what it is and how it is affected. Why do we need focus on producing creative players? Creativity has been described as the process of developing original ideas that have value. In many walks of life, there is now a distinct movement towards the development of creativity. The reason for this is pretty simple. In our rapidly developing world we need people that can respond to the changing environment. We need people who can find elegant and effective solutions to completely unpredictable events. We don’t know what’s just around the corner. All we actually know about the future is that we know nothing. That’s why so many people in business and commerce are focussed on the need to nurture creativity. The same is true in football. Creative players are those who produce an original skill to meet a completely unpredictable situation in a game. Often in football a moment of skill is not planned, it just ‘appears’ when it is needed. In fact, in football creativity is a double edged sword. As well as helping players provide solutions to unpredictable situations, it also helps them present unique and unpredictable challenges to the opposition. So, why is it that some players [...]

CCA Level 2 Award in Creative Soccer Coaching (Ben Holman)

By | 2015-01-28T18:51:15+00:00 January 28th, 2015|Soccer Stories|

On completion of my CCA level 2 I had to reflect on my coaching, previous to the course, and ask myself why I had coached the way I did. My conclusion was that previous coaching courses had told me to coach that way and my personal experience of 'old fashioned' coaches had rubbed off on me. After the course I was coaching in a specific while adopting a unique philosophy not because I had been told too but because I thoroughly understood the rational behind the CCA level 2 course content. Darren delivered a course full of valuable information, with high quality examples and provided both scientific and historical rationales. The course was delivered in both practical and classroom based environments to such a high a quality that it made veteran university lecturers look amateur.  The course is a must for any football coach out there regardless of age, and further more, I believe the course is suitable for any sports coach out there and anyone who is trying to develop children in a sporting or non-sporting context. From how to create the optimal learning environment to nurturing creativity in children  and the positives of allowing children autonomy the course covers it all. Ben Holman - Sports Development and Coaching Graduate, Northumbria University'

ISSA Coach Education (Level 1 Award) at University of St Mark & St John

By | 2015-01-23T18:13:59+00:00 January 23rd, 2015|Soccer Stories|

Our students here at the University of St Mark & St John in Plymouth have really benefitted from the ISSA Street Soccer Level 1 over the past few years.  The course is excellently delivered, with an engaging and knowledgeable tutor, who utilises a range of creative teaching resources and methods in order to connect with our young learners.  Our students coach in a variety of environments, from traditional grassroots football clubs, to local authority run community schemes, to professional football club development centres.  All have found this course to be of great use in helping them to promote creativity in both session design, and in the ability/enjoyment of their players . Ryan Thomas (Program Leader for Football Coaching & Development) University of St Mark & St John

ISSA Street Soccer Training (Creativity)

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The FA Coaching Strategy specifically identifies the need to develop coaching programmes which improve the creativity of players. Anyone who watches the game will be able to see creativity in players and identify moments of creative flair. However, in order to help foster creativity in players, we need to understand what it is and how it is affected. Why do we need focus on producing creative players? Creativity has been described as the process of developing original ideas that have value. In many walks of life, there is now a distinct movement towards the development of creativity. The reason for this is pretty simple. In our rapidly developing world we need people that can respond to the changing environment. We need people who can find elegant and effective solutions to completely unpredictable events. We don’t know what’s just around the corner. All we actually know about the future is that we know nothing. That’s why so many people in business and commerce are focussed on the need to nurture creativity. The same is true in football. Creative players are those who produce an original skill to meet a completely unpredictable situation in a game. Often in football a moment of skill is not planned, it just ‘appears’ when it is needed. In fact, in football creativity is a double edged sword. As well as helping players provide solutions to unpredictable situations, it also helps them present unique and unpredictable challenges to the opposition. So, why is it that some players [...]

ISSA Street Soccer Training (The Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education / Moving beyond habits)

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ISSA Street Soccer Training - The Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education – Moving beyond habits In sport, the arts, and indeed in any field of human endeavour involving movement, we aim for a smoothness of action that we consider to be good form. We want our movements to be efficient, graceful, effortless and powerful. Top athletes and performers understand that these elements are an integral part of producing a consistently high level of performance and that they also help in the prevention of injury. However, those of us who are less ‘naturally’ gifted consider the amazing coordination and ability of top performers and athletes to be innate – a gift that they are born with – and we believe that they raise their performance levels only through hours of dedicated practice and effort in the gym. While it is true that most of us will ever match the grace and ease displayed by sportsmen such as Roger Federer we all have an innate potential for graceful action far beyond what we can imagine – if only we could learn how to realise it! Dr Moshe Feldenkrais Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais (1904-84), a Russian-born physicist, martial arts expert, and mechanical engineer, developed the modality that bears his name in order to cure his own debilitating knee injury. Drawing from his background in these various fields, as well as his observations of developmental movements, he used his own body as a laboratory, experimenting with many different ways of doing everyday actions, and carefully [...]

ISSA Street Soccer Training (The Alexander Technique)

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ISSA Street Soccer Training - The Alexander Technique The Alexander Technique is a method that has a lot to offer sports people. The focus is on preventing habitual muscular actions that cause inefficient movement patterns that can lead to injury and limit performance. For example, it’s common for people to stiffen their neck in preparation to move and yet they’ll be completely unaware that they’re doing so. I have seen this is sports people of all abilities including top athletes. The act of stiffening the neck impedes the body’s reflex activity and has a detrimental effect on coordination. Unfortunately once it has become a habit it is difficult to stop until it is brought to a conscious level and the individual given instruction on how to move without the habitual preparations, or in other words, to use less effort. An Alexander Technique lesson involves taking the pupil through a series of movements whilst focusing on their habitual actions that may be interfering with movement. A teacher of AT will use their hands to promote freer, lighter movement whilst giving verbal instruction. The combination of gentle guidance, instruction and immediate feedback of the improvements help with the learning process. This invariably involves a sense of lightness and less effort whilst performing an everyday movement the pupil usually associates with using more effort. The techniques used encourage the pupil to focus on the moment between the stimulus and their response to it and can be applied to other habitual behavioural patterns. A [...]

ISSA Street Soccer Training (NLP)

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ISSA Street Soccer Training – NLP 'How did he do that?' When you see a kid doing an amazing street soccer trick, you probably wonder how they do it. Many people will also be wondering if they could ever achieve the same results. It could be said that this same curiosity together with a belief that excellence could be duplicated, a scientific approach and high levels of tenacity is what led to the field of NLP. 'Let me have a go!' In the 1970's, Richard Bandler, a mathematician, and John Grinder, a linguistics professor, set out to see if they could discover exactly how some of the most effective therapists of the time were achieving consistent results. First they 'modelled' naturally, in the same way that we learn to walk and talk, by absorbing themselves completely in what the subject was doing without analysing and then having a go - mimicking both consciously and unconsciously - taking on elements of body language, speech patterns and intuitively thinking in similar ways, until they began to get similar results. 'Analyse THIS!' Then they began to analyse their findings so that they were able to construct a detailed model ('Programme') of the important elements of what the person was doing with their body, brain and nervous system ('Neuro') and the way they were thinking and communicating with themselves and with their clients, both verbally and non-verbally ('Linguistic'). They knew they had found the 'difference that made the difference' because they were able to [...]

ISSA Street Soccer Training (The Inner Game)

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ISSA Street Soccer Training - The Inner Game 'In the flow... your potential revealed' Can you think of a time when you did a combination of tricks so well you dazzled yourself and your street soccer mates? Hopefully you managed to get it onto the ISSA YouTube channel too. As you remember this experience of playing to your potential – Where was your attention? Were you thinking much? How hard were you trying? What emotions were you feeling? How relaxed were you? The chances are that your attention was very focussed in the moment, to the point where you became unaware of much of the external environment. You probably weren't thinking too much and if you were it was simple task-based thinking, no further than necessary into the future and probably not in the past at all. The voice in your head had taken a time out. Trying? What trying? Odds-on you were enjoying the moment and at ease mentally and physically - just enough dynamic tension to dazzle and no more. And feeling quite detached and unconcerned yet confident in your ability. 'In the way... Interference' Now remember a time when things didn't go so well. Have a look at what got in the way. Maybe someone turned up to watch and you noticed them out of the corner or your eye. Perhaps you started trying too hard. Did your internal dialogue kick off in a big way? Did you feel tense and uncoordinated? Were you feeling anxious about [...]

George Green (Student at Bournemouth University) – George recently took part in the ISSA Street Soccer Coaches Workshop – here is his feedback

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George Green (Student at Bournemouth University) – George recently took part in the ISSA Street Soccer Coaches Workshop – here is his feedback Movement Analysis & Biomechanical Considerations December 8, 2014 George Green Well you are probably wondering where I have been?! Well to let those of you know who may not already know, a good friend of mine has been kind enough to build me a website. This is a completely new type of project for me and I am enjoying the templates we have produced so far. Also with my fast approaching semester one exams on their way I have been in a series of revision and university. But even more interestingly, just yesterday I was on a course called ‘Street Soccer UK’ which focused on delivering the most effective conditions for learning to take place in your sessions. Of course there was lots of street skills involved but more importantly, the session wasn’t about making the coach look good. It wasn’t about looking professional with badges all over your tracksuit, nor was it about hiding behind your clipboard and over analysing everything (as we tend to do as coaches). But even more interesting than that, there was a point in the session that challenged the FUNdamental movements of physical literacy. In fact they had a good reason to. They touched briefly on the reptilian brain located in the frontal lobe and how when under pressure or feeling threatened it shuts off from everything around it. Therefore this [...]

ISSA Street Soccer Training (The Learning Environment)

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Creating an optimal learning environment is not something that happens by chance. There are some fundamental founding principles to follow and a formula that can be applied. Let’s start with the most fundamental of all – motivation. A leaner has to be motivated to learn. In psychology, motivation is often known as the ‘why of behaviour’. It helps to explain why we do the things we do and even why we don’t do the things we should do. There is a reason behind our decisions and our actions, which all stems from our motivation. Why does a soccer player get out of bed at 6am on a cold, wet Tuesday in December to drive all the way to the training ground and run and kick a ball around for 2 hours? Why do they then have a bite of breakfast before doing a strength & conditioning session, followed by physio, a bite of lunch, a meeting with the coach and back on the field for another 2 hours? What’s it all in aid of? Why do they do all this 6-7 days a week for years on end? The answer is perfectly simple – it’s all in pursuit of an trophy or league winners. That’s what motivates them. That’s their reason. Our motivation to do something can come in all sorts of forms. Sometimes we are motivated to avoid things we don’t want. Sometimes we are motivated towards something we do want. It’s true that some athletes are motivated as [...]


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As I sit and ponder all I want to achieve and future projects that I intend to run, the question ‘What has Street Soccer done for me?’ constantly beats within my head. Street Soccer has had a profound impact on my life, there are only a few other things that have done so. One being another sport I feel passionate about Tae Kwon Do, the others being people that are dearly close to me. Family and friends and those that have inspired me and given me opportunities along the way in my life! It may seem silly to many out there that this is so, but for whatever reason Street Soccer has strung a beating tune that has affected me right to the core. At first I was just inspired by the coaching method laid out to me by Darren Laver, how it already struck similar beats to the way Pro Skills Coaching involved skill development into our program. I say our program, even though Pro Skills Coaching was a birth child of Mark Senior he has offered those who work under the company name enormous freedom to explore and develop the way we coach children. This may just be my experience but after seeing his work and sessions before starting my own journey, it’s very difficult to not fully embrace the way he coaches. Soon enough you start to see the little things work with the children you have the opportunity to coach and it only reinforces those beliefs [...]


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“Meeting Darren Laver and learning a variety of akka skills unleashed a new dimension of her game in the cage and on the street.  A true concrete disciple...” Candace Metcalfe entered the US scene October 2004 and intermittently played soccer.  In early 2010 she had the opportunity to meet and play with Mia Hamm and from that moment Candace was inspired to become a professional soccer player. Known for her creativity, speed, tenacity, and passion, she was selected to the Florida Youth Soccer Olympic Development State Team in 2012, the US Club ID2 East Region Camp in 2013, and recently the US Youth Futsal Central ID in 2014.  Her pursuit for the highest of soccer led to the street of northwest Florida in early 2012 where she found a new love through Legendary Street Soccer on basketball courts, parking lots, and a ‘panna’ cage built by Kevin Metcalfe. Meeting Darren Laver and learning a variety of ‘akka’ skills unleashed a new dimension of her game in the cage and on the streets.  A true concrete disciple... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aYyGW3F6XgI


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4th April 2014 became a incredible day in the diary, we launched Canadian Soccer Akkademy and what a way to launch. We had 185 participants; we had 22 volunteers and an incredible special guest in Darren Laver who not only has been an inspiration, an invaluable mentor but also a friend in the process. We held an adult Futsal tournament, a U16 tournament and various soccer clinics throughout the day. Our aim was not so much to promote CSA but more importantly Street Soccer in Canada! We went all out and didn't we get some incredible feedback throughout. The clinics were put together by Darren to introduce kids to a simple but effective way of thinking. We promoted skills, friendship, learning, creativity and most important good attitude. The event was not for profit and the response has been incredible. So incredible that we have been offered contracts with various organisations, we have been offered new and exciting programmes to lead and to top if off sponsors coming in from established brands, this is just the first time of showing what Street Soccer is all about. Teaching the kids about having good attitude and respect has been rewarded in a huge way and we really saw that the kids WANTED to show their attitude more than anything which was to be admired. Darren did a fantastic job in helping us launch and now we have foundations we plan to fully utilise all options. CSA is here, and we're ready to take [...]


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[divider scroll_text=""] Freddie "Duke" Williams (Owner) I first came across the ISSA at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham (England), I was instantly hooked once I saw the footwork and freedom of movement that the coaches demonstrated. I have since developed a close working partnership with the ISSA through their License package and have fully integrated the Street Soccer methods of training into my coaching company. Over the past 12 months we have delivered coaching courses in six of the local schools, delivered several events, 3 v 3 tournaments, we have competed against other licensees in the UK and developed a highly successful Street Soccer culture where participants come to express themselves on a weekly basis. The ISSA brings an innovative and fresh new way to coaching and developing individual technical attributes alongside supporting the development of a rounded individual, learning not only skills for soccer but more importantly learning the skills for life. I know that working alongside the ISSA has developed players personally and professionally and would encourage others to share the same experience. Freddie coaching at a schools session During 2012 I successfully ran six ISSA skills programs in six different schools, all of these school competed in six 3v3 tournaments. I ran eight street soccer events throughout the year using real life FIFA Street Characters provided by the ISSA which was an amazing experience for my community. Also I ran two ‘Play to learn soccer’ programmes for 4 – 6 year olds [...]


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  In 2010, Mr. Laver was approached by ‘Wayland’ book publishers to assist in the writing, images and production of the ‘Street Football’ book.  Wayland has been at the forefront of information resources for nearly 40 years, offering an extensive range of quality non-fiction books for use in schools, libraries and the home. Thoroughly researched text and excellent visuals make them perfect for classroom teaching, project work and homework help. Wayland is committed to making educational books that will promote learning, satisfy the National Curriculum requirements and instill a lifelong love of reading. Due to market research, Wayland realized street football is taking the world of urban street sports by storm and wanted to be the first and best provider of the Street football resources. Wayland publishers recognized Mr. Laver as one of the leading icons in the street soccer scene, Mr. Laver became a consultant for the book providing detailed information on street soccer moves, images of moves, stories from other street players from across the world and Darren also provided a 2 page spread on himself explaining how he got into street soccer, how he is recognized as one of the best performers in the world and how he became one of most respected practitioners in Street Soccer coaching. Sarah Eason (co Author) “Darren provided outstanding help and advice during the course of producing a book about Street Football. His help has been invaluable and he has been incredibly willing to go above and beyond the call of [...]


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Last week I was 'coaching' my college Futsal team at one of our last practices of the season. I put on some music and walked out of the gym. I came back to the gym (I was watching the whole time, just from a position that they couldn't see me) and whistled for them to get water. I asked them how they felt and they unanimously said they were happy and having fun. I said great, let's get back out there and play some more. They went back out and played Futsal. SIDE NOTE: they had picked their own teams after I had left the gym, the teams remained the same for the second round of play. Both teams played with incredible creativity and freedom. After 15min I blew the whistle and called the team in again. I asked the girls what the score of the game was and none of them had any idea. They said they didn't care, they were playing for fun! I told the girls that I wanted them to go back out on the court and just keep doing what they had been, only this time I would put 15min up on the clock and keep track of score. I was amazed at how drastic a few lights on a scoreboard affected the game. Suddenly the girls became less creative, less smiles, more yelling at teammates, and getting angry with themselves. After the 15min was done I called the girls in and again asked them [...]


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Canadian Soccer Akkademy is an official ISSA licensed deliver.  We started our license in March 2014.  Our first goal is to break the myth in Canada that you need cones, bibs and a particular number of drills to hold a training session/camp or  event for your people to develop and learn the beautiful game of soccer. Having coaches in Ukraine as well as England whilst becoming a license FA coach I embarked on a new challenge, to change the mentality of those that believe the saying ‘you can’t teach that stuff’. Anything can be taught.  Having met Darren Laver in 2011, I was blown away and inspired.  Combining both his business model and his love and passion for the game, I felt we had and still have a lot in common. I have coached soccer the standard way for several years running camps, local church teams and setting up an academy in Ukraine.  During this time I was searching for that extra detail that would make coaching more exciting, more rewarding and also much more enjoyable for the children. My aim is to lay the foundations and ignite the love for soccer in Canada.  Now becoming a licensee in Canada comes as a great privilege as I am now provided with everything I need to not only delver high impact, exciting sessions, but confidently know that everything I do has a purpose. Also having access to bring the best street players in the world to my events is a huge [...]


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In November 2013, Darren Laver and his team from the International Street Soccer Association (ISSA) met with City’s Futsal scholars to show them the importance of becoming better decision makers, problem solvers and creative players. Laver believes that by using the ISSA and Street Soccer as a platform, English football will soon have the tools to be able to minimise a growing concern that this country seems to not produce the amount of creative players needed to compete against the talents of Ronaldo, Messi and other inventive players across the globe. Projects like Street Soccer are important to the Community Trust as it aims to install a genuine love for the game.  Fun and enjoyment are central because they ignite passion in players.  With passion comes curiosity.  When curiosity is linked with play we see our scholars experimenting, discovering and creating. Laver, who is recognised as one of the leading street soccer coaches and soccer skills performer in the world, said “Bristol City Community Trust’s Futsal programme is an excellent way to gain academic qualifications as well as a great platform to play futsal and start developing a fast creative game, bringing in a style of play that is widespread across the dominating clubs in Europe.” Female Futsal scholar Lottie Flower said, “it was a great opportunity to work with Darren and his team, i have learnt new skills that I can’t wait to use in training and game”


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Halton Street Soccer and Futsal CIC Halton Street Soccer and Futsal CIC is an official ISSA licensed deliverer. Having started our license agreement in August 2013, we set out to try and convince people to try something different in terms of football provision. Previously there was very little street soccer and futsal played in the area. I set out to change that by gaining the highest certificate in Futsal coaching available with the FA, the level one, which I was awarded at St.Georges Park in 2013. In terms of Futsal I have also been lucky enough to enjoy a Futsal masterclass seminar with top Brazilian coach Kaka ( manager of Russian pro club Gazprom Ugra ) and Neto, Brazilian International Futsal player ( player of the 2012 World Futsal Championship, scoring the winner in the final against Spain ). With pivotal support from the ISSA ( I'm level 2 street soccer qualified ) I have set about changing the culture of football in the Halton, Warrington, Merseyside and Cheshire areas. I have ran successful street soccer coaching sessions with many local players over the last year or so, culminating in our first street soccer camp in February 2014 which was a great success. Future soccer camps are planned as well as an official "Achieving Dreams" programme in Spring 2014. I have ran street soccer events for a number of partners ranging from the FA, youth groups like Catch22 and Active Futures, Halton Sports Development, Brio Leisure and local schools. I have also ran event days in colleges and [...]


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NATE TALKING ABOUT HIS EXPERIENCE AT ISSA CREATIVE SKILL CAMP - PITTSBURGH Going to a camp run by some of the best street soccer players in the world was pretty exciting. At the camp, they were doing insane tricks and moves like they were born to do them. Seeing and thinking how amazing it would be to do those moves was what gave me the drive and determination to learn and complete some of the tricks I saw. One of my personal favorites is the AKKA 3000, mainly because it was just truly unbelievable when I saw it performed in front of me. When you love what you are doing it makes it so much easier to accomplish what you are trying to do, that is why I nailed the AKKA 3000. Sure, it was with a lot of time and practice - but the feeling you get when you accomplish the trick is worth it! Learning these tricks helps you develop confidence, helps your touch and ability to flick the ball up along with being able to react fast. When learning the AKKA 3000 and other tricks, I never got frustrated, I just kept trying until I got it. I love playing soccer and as I strive to become a better player, I like to keep challenging myself by setting goals and trying different things. Like one of the players from the street soccer camp said to me, “Just have fun with it” - I hope you have as [...]


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Ronny - Real name Ronaq Mussa, age 9, born in Hackney London. Started playing soccer at age 7 for a local team. Ronny uses the ISSA Player Zone via a phone or tablet. Player Zone is the ISSA's "On-Demand" Street Soccer Skills Database. It contains the latest Street Soccer Moves from the foremost Street Soccer Players. The tutorials flow from beginner to advance in a friendly format, providing the user a structured progression. A great tool-set to master some of the most difficult manoeuvres. [gdl_gallery title="Ronny" width="130" height="80" galid="1" ] Check out what Ronny has learnt from Players Zone... http://youtu.be/ZKf9D1xybeU