Is Ancient Wisdom the Way Forward (Coaching Soccer)

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The alternatives to the structured, curriculum-led approaches may appear to be ‘new age’, but in reality that sentiment could not be further from the truth. In recent years, some have come to appreciate the inherent value of ancient wisdom. The teachings of the great philosophers of Ancient Greece are as valid today as they were 2000 years ago. They simply have endured the tests of time. The principles behind the methods of Socrates are now being applied to education, sport psychology and sports coaching. Perhaps these methods are a way forward in our quest to help our players to learn. Read full article here by Darren Laver (Director of Coaching for the ISSA) Is ancient wisdom the way forward

Tips for 2017 – Creative Thinking: How Not to Get Boxed In (FREE Download)

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Darren Laver from the ISSA has produced 6 very important topics to guide you becoming more creative and not to get boxed in.  Thinking about thinking is not something most people do very often. This is probably because we spend most of our time in our own heads, so think that the way we think is just fine. But the truth is, there are a number of other ways to go about thinking, ways we simply haven’t thought of. At least not in any structured way. This booklet is meant as a friendly guide to open up your thinking. It won’t necessarily make you smarter. But it’ll give you certain tools and present exercises that will provoke nimbleness of thought and creativity, which may lay the ground for you to become “smarter” (whatever this may mean to you). The first half includes a discussion of how we think, to how to become more aware of our assumptions, then covers lateral thinking and creativity. Because intelligence isn’t all about being able to think about thinking, the second half of the booklet covers the importance of insight and humor, with the remainder affording hands-on ways to think with more agility and daring. The final section is a reminder that we all have bodies, thinking bodies. For while intelligence (the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills) is the apparent subject of this booklet, in the final analysis, it’s the whole person that truly matters. 6 very important topics: Boxes Aplenty Awareness [...]

Tips for 2017 – Connecting to Creativity: Steps Toward Reaching Your True Potential (FREE Download)

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Darren Laver from the ISSA has produced 6 very important topics to guide you in living a more fulfilled and creative life. Being creative is not so much a skill one acquires, but rather an attitude that one cultivates. We all have the potential to lead more creative, richer lives. Doing so, however, takes some effort. A large part of the difficulty is our tendency to take the path of least resistance, to let obstacles and negativity drag us down. These difficulties are things we all struggle with. And more often than not, when we’re troubled, we tend to forget about the creative potential inside of us. We forget that we are all born with vast imaginations. While neither exhaustive nor strictly prescriptive, this booklet will hopefully help lead you back to your creative self. Approach it as you would a good conversation: the more intently you listen, and the more you contribute to it, the richer the conversation is, and the more you ultimately get out of it. 6 very important topics: Find Inspiration…Unless It Finds You No Such Thing as Failure Give Routine a Break, Or Spontaneous Holiday If You Think It’s Hungry, Feed Your Curiosity Stay Positive The Sudden Reward Download Here Creativity Booklet

Tips for 2017 – The Tools You Already Have (FREE Download)

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Darren Laver from the ISSA has produced 6 very important topics to guide you in setting goals and how to take action to achieve your goals.  Often the goal we want to achieve remains just that, a goal. The difficulty to achieving it lies in not having a way to do so. We can just wing it and try everything in the book, but our haphazard efforts will only tire us out and leave us frustrated. This makes it all too easy to give up. Thus we can be our own worst enemies. But when we have a clear and robust process, one that is up to the task of getting us to where we want to go, we have a very good shot of finding some kind of success. This booklet, based on the Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) process, presents powerful tools for those who are serious about improving their skills. NLP stresses that words matter, especially the words and thoughts you use to talk about yourself, because such things really do affect your brain. The process has the added benefit of promoting, if not demanding, personal growth. Additionally, NLP has the flexibility to suit your own unique way of learning, while still maintaining a clear procedural structure. Ultimately, the hope is that NLP helps you find practices to bring out the best in you, as well as ways to further build on those qualities. 6 very important topics: The Well-Formed Outcome Playing the Sedulous Ape Durability, Dedication and [...]

Tips for 2017 – Ready… Set… Goal (FREE Download)

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Darren Laver from the ISSA has produced 6 very important topics to guide you in setting goals for 2017. It’s always a great feeling when something wonderful happens to us. But if we really desire to contribute something wonderful to the world, something that comes from a genuine place within us, we can’t go about our days waiting for things to happen to us. But making our dream into reality is not a simple matter. Even before we act upon it, the dream we want to achieve has first to be transmuted into a goal, but not just any old goal—it must be a well-formed one. Based on the Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) goal-setting model known as the “well-formed outcome,” this booklet will walk you through 6 steps designed to bring clarity to your vision and imbue your actions with greater impact and meaning. While the steps are meant to be followed chronologically (step 1, then 2, then 3, etc.), they are also useful to reconsider on their own, after first completing the program in its entirety. Now let’s get ready to set some goals! 6 very important topics: State It In The Positive Context and Boundaries Self-Achievable Advantages and Disadvantages Evidence Is It Worthwhile? Download Here Ready...Set...Goal (NLP Goal-Setting Booklet)

Street Soccer: The Coaches’ Guide: Coaching People, Creating Players – by Darren Laver

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New Coaching Book OUT NOW Street soccer is exciting, creative, and fun. But even the most creative players need a good coach to realize their potential. This book to street soccer coaching is written by the founder of the International Street Soccer Association (ISSA), and is an informative, practical, and easy-to-use handbook for soccer coaches of all levels. The best way to nurture creativity is to have an optimal learning environment. The ISSA has spent decades developing the best and most efficient coaching methods to create such an environment and shape better players and teams. In the book, these methods and strategies are detailed for every street soccer coach, whether coaching a grassroots team or a professional club. Street Soccer: The Coaches Guide contains 50 games small sided and 1-v-1that coaches can try out with their players in order to become more successful and still have fun. This book presents a fresh, modern, creative and holistic form of soccer coaching in an informative and easy-to-use format. It will help everyone become a great street soccer coach and learn a creative, efficient, and dynamic way to coach the beautiful game. BUY NOW AT -

Welcoming Mark Tiernan to the ISSA family (ISSA Training License Provider)

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Street Soccer Ireland is a uniquely fun & creative approach to soccer skills coaching. Head coach Mark Tiernan, delivers high energy workshops where kids can express themselves freely with a football at their feet. Small-sided games, skills coaching & team building exercises are blended with music to give a truly engaging soccer experience for all ages.