ISSA and the Indy Eleven

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My name in Guy-Jo Gordon, Director of Community Relations for the Indy Eleven.  Indy Eleven is an American Professional Soccer team based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Founded in 2013. As part of our community programs we were looking for a particular soccer session/event that would excite, engage and inspire young players.  We then came across the International Street Soccer Association (ISSA) and invited them to coach and perform their creative skills at some of our events including the Annual Mayor's Futsal Cup, which involved 32 teams from 32 countries.  The ISSA exhibited their street soccer skills by performing in front of crowds in excess of 5000, and competed against individual challengers, demonstrating outstanding ability to play the game of soccer in a creative, functional manner. The ISSA have a tremendous creative talent, and their abilities to inspire youth and adults is unmatched. I would like to finish by saying that the ISSA has an extremely unique concept, it is an extraordinary world-class organization, with talented coaches and players, and they are all great with young people of all ages and abilities. Comes highly recommended as the best creative Street Soccer coaching company I have ever been involved with. Guy-Jo Gordon Director, Community Relations Indy Eleven | North American Soccer League