Street Skills Academy – YMCA / Eagle Express Soccer Club

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“I have been around a lot of player development opportunities over the last decade, but the camps and clinics provided by Darren Laver and ISSA are second to none! Our players have come away vastly improved not only technically with touch and footskill, but more importantly far superior in creativity and composure while making decisions at game speed. The tempo and coaching methodology employed by Darren and his staff promote a fun yet productive environment for the players to thrive in and they absolutely love it. If I only had one camp or clinic to offer to our players, it would be Darren and ISSA!” Barry VonLobstein, Eagle Express Soccer Club, Director of Coaching, May 2015

Ronaq Mussa – A product of PLAYERZONE.TV

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Ronaq Mussa - A product of My Son Ronaq has been using the Player Zone for a couple of years now and is extremely enjoying it. I like to thank you and the ISSA for such a great idea.  I recommend players Zone to anyone who wants to improve their technical ability, creative skill and overall game play.