ISSA Street Soccer Training (Creativity)

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The FA Coaching Strategy specifically identifies the need to develop coaching programs which improve the creativity of players. Anyone who watches the game will be able to see creativity in players and identify moments of creative flair. However, in order to help foster creativity in players, we need to understand what it is and how it is affected. Why do we need focus on producing creative players? Creativity has been described as the process of developing original ideas that have value. In many walks of life, there is now a distinct movement towards the development of creativity. The reason for this is pretty simple. In our rapidly developing world we need people that can respond to the changing environment. We need people who can find elegant and effective solutions to completely unpredictable events. We don’t know what’s just around the corner. All we actually know about the future is that we know nothing. That’s why so many people in business and commerce are focussed on the need to nurture creativity. The same is true in football. Creative players are those who produce an original skill to meet a completely unpredictable situation in a game. Often in football a moment of skill is not planned, it just ‘appears’ when it is needed. In fact, in football creativity is a double edged sword. As well as helping players provide solutions to unpredictable situations, it also helps them present unique and unpredictable challenges to the opposition. So, why is it that some players [...]