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Canadian Soccer Akkademy is an official ISSA licensed deliver.  We started our license in March 2014.  Our first goal is to break the myth in Canada that you need cones, bibs and a particular number of drills to hold a training session/camp or  event for your people to develop and learn the beautiful game of soccer. Having coaches in Ukraine as well as England whilst becoming a license FA coach I embarked on a new challenge, to change the mentality of those that believe the saying ‘you can’t teach that stuff’. Anything can be taught.  Having met Darren Laver in 2011, I was blown away and inspired.  Combining both his business model and his love and passion for the game, I felt we had and still have a lot in common. I have coached soccer the standard way for several years running camps, local church teams and setting up an academy in Ukraine.  During this time I was searching for that extra detail that would make coaching more exciting, more rewarding and also much more enjoyable for the children. My aim is to lay the foundations and ignite the love for soccer in Canada.  Now becoming a licensee in Canada comes as a great privilege as I am now provided with everything I need to not only delver high impact, exciting sessions, but confidently know that everything I do has a purpose. Also having access to bring the best street players in the world to my events is a huge [...]


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In November 2013, Darren Laver and his team from the International Street Soccer Association (ISSA) met with City’s Futsal scholars to show them the importance of becoming better decision makers, problem solvers and creative players. Laver believes that by using the ISSA and Street Soccer as a platform, English football will soon have the tools to be able to minimise a growing concern that this country seems to not produce the amount of creative players needed to compete against the talents of Ronaldo, Messi and other inventive players across the globe. Projects like Street Soccer are important to the Community Trust as it aims to install a genuine love for the game.  Fun and enjoyment are central because they ignite passion in players.  With passion comes curiosity.  When curiosity is linked with play we see our scholars experimenting, discovering and creating. Laver, who is recognised as one of the leading street soccer coaches and soccer skills performer in the world, said “Bristol City Community Trust’s Futsal programme is an excellent way to gain academic qualifications as well as a great platform to play futsal and start developing a fast creative game, bringing in a style of play that is widespread across the dominating clubs in Europe.” Female Futsal scholar Lottie Flower said, “it was a great opportunity to work with Darren and his team, i have learnt new skills that I can’t wait to use in training and game”


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Halton Street Soccer and Futsal CIC Halton Street Soccer and Futsal CIC is an official ISSA licensed deliverer. Having started our license agreement in August 2013, we set out to try and convince people to try something different in terms of football provision. Previously there was very little street soccer and futsal played in the area. I set out to change that by gaining the highest certificate in Futsal coaching available with the FA, the level one, which I was awarded at St.Georges Park in 2013. In terms of Futsal I have also been lucky enough to enjoy a Futsal masterclass seminar with top Brazilian coach Kaka ( manager of Russian pro club Gazprom Ugra ) and Neto, Brazilian International Futsal player ( player of the 2012 World Futsal Championship, scoring the winner in the final against Spain ). With pivotal support from the ISSA ( I'm level 2 street soccer qualified ) I have set about changing the culture of football in the Halton, Warrington, Merseyside and Cheshire areas. I have ran successful street soccer coaching sessions with many local players over the last year or so, culminating in our first street soccer camp in February 2014 which was a great success. Future soccer camps are planned as well as an official "Achieving Dreams" programme in Spring 2014. I have ran street soccer events for a number of partners ranging from the FA, youth groups like Catch22 and Active Futures, Halton Sports Development, Brio Leisure and local schools. I have also ran event days in colleges and [...]