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NATE TALKING ABOUT HIS EXPERIENCE AT ISSA CREATIVE SKILL CAMP - PITTSBURGH Going to a camp run by some of the best street soccer players in the world was pretty exciting. At the camp, they were doing insane tricks and moves like they were born to do them. Seeing and thinking how amazing it would be to do those moves was what gave me the drive and determination to learn and complete some of the tricks I saw. One of my personal favorites is the AKKA 3000, mainly because it was just truly unbelievable when I saw it performed in front of me. When you love what you are doing it makes it so much easier to accomplish what you are trying to do, that is why I nailed the AKKA 3000. Sure, it was with a lot of time and practice - but the feeling you get when you accomplish the trick is worth it! Learning these tricks helps you develop confidence, helps your touch and ability to flick the ball up along with being able to react fast. When learning the AKKA 3000 and other tricks, I never got frustrated, I just kept trying until I got it. I love playing soccer and as I strive to become a better player, I like to keep challenging myself by setting goals and trying different things. Like one of the players from the street soccer camp said to me, “Just have fun with it” - I hope you have as [...]


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Ronny - Real name Ronaq Mussa, age 9, born in Hackney London. Started playing soccer at age 7 for a local team. Ronny uses the ISSA Player Zone via a phone or tablet. Player Zone is the ISSA's "On-Demand" Street Soccer Skills Database. It contains the latest Street Soccer Moves from the foremost Street Soccer Players. The tutorials flow from beginner to advance in a friendly format, providing the user a structured progression. A great tool-set to master some of the most difficult manoeuvres. [gdl_gallery title="Ronny" width="130" height="80" galid="1" ] Check out what Ronny has learnt from Players Zone...