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Promoting Street Soccer Throughout the World
Our core mission is to promote, protect and develop Street Soccer at every level, to encourage the principles of unity and cohesion, and to maintain a service of the highest quality in order to support the game by inspiring, by educating and by entertaining players from all over the world.

The world of sport has created a facade through which everything changes and there is no division of culture.

Street Soccer is a version of soccer that focuses on flair, style and talent that showcases a free-flow form of soccer that has been captivating audiences around the world. With videos going viral of famous soccer players playing 3-on-3 street soccer to FIFA launching their own version as a game (FIFA Street), street soccer is becoming a globally recognized sport on its own.

Street Soccer allows players to demonstrate remarkable skills and immaculate tricks with the sole purpose of outplaying opponents and leaving the audiences awestruck. Street Soccer is a fantasia that perplexes audiences and thrills everyone, pumping adrenaline and taking passion to the next level.

However, regardless of its popularity, street soccer is still a developing sport. In order to help standardize the industry, the International Street Soccer Association (ISSA) is an organization that is dedicated to helping develop street soccer throughout the world. Originating in the UK by Darren Laver, we have become a well-known brand in the industry with licensed clubs all over the world.

We are known globally for our commitment and dedication to helping players, coaches and clubs by providing them with the necessary resources to develop and compete at a professional level. We have resources that include coaching support, tutorials, training, education and professional equipment to improve the game. Through our development of the player driven coaching approach, we not only have improved coaching abilities, but we have also helped create better training programs for players.

We have developed a licensing program whereby, we provide a training license to clubs, providing them with a complete club training package, equipped with curriculums, resources for coaches and players, two 3v3 inflatable fields and we bring the famous ‘Creative Skill Camps’ to your club/organization each year.

International Street Soccer Association

Company Overview

International Street Soccer Association (ISSA) is an organization that is working to achieve excellence and bring the best out of soccer players and coaches. We are aiming to promote street soccer around the world. Street soccer is a stylized form of traditional soccer, taking the game to a different level, creating not just a visually appealing game, but a challenging one as well. Street soccer may be small in scale and players usually do not have access to street soccer coaching. Because of this, players do not always get the right attention and direction to develop their skills, leading to many players not reaching their full potential. In order to achieve the goal of taking street soccer to next level, we provide support and opportunities to soccer clubs and collaborate with them to create a platform that will allow players and coaches to excel as well as to raise awareness and contribute towards the overall improvement of soccer around the world.


 ISSA was established in the UK by Darren Laver in 2008, who is a passionate lover of soccer and wants to help develop street soccer. Since the company’s inception, we have been able to develop a worldwide reputation for our commitment and dedication to helping the street soccer scene. Clubs, players and coaches all over the world have benefited from our professional development program and resources. Currently, we operate in various regions of the world, including Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada and America to name a few.

What we do?

The work we have been able to accomplish to date is a tantamount to the dedication and teamwork of our coaches, our team and our licensed clubs. We have made significant strides in the development of street soccer and have successfully hosted multiple campaigns around the world. These campaigns have drawn audiences, raising the awareness, the fandom and the opportunities to develop street soccer into a professional sport.

We do not only provide licenses to street soccer clubs, but also work with different sponsors and partners to fulfill the needs of street soccer. We have recognized that without proper up to date training methods, a player’s development is incomplete, unable to reach their full potential. With our programs, a player can learn far more than just the average soccer training concept. Through our support , we look to develop the art of street soccer and push players to develop exceptional abilities. We are not just about fulfilling our passion to help; we are committed towards the betterment of each individual player and to the industry as a whole.

Our Aims

 Our aim is to develop platforms that strengthen street soccer as an integral method of training and as a sport. Our focus is on bringing together different clubs and collaborating with them to achieve collective goals. We have developed a global reputation for being a facilitator to build a better future for a challenging sport. In order to bring international soccer clubs and players together, we will organize events and tournaments. Our work is persistent and there is no prejudice when it comes to our support and commitment towards different soccer clubs. We are driven by one objective; to harmonize and spread the passion for street soccer.

Our Objectives

Our major organizational objectives include:

  • To promote street soccer
  • To protect and nurture the street soccer culture
  • To encourage and develop players, coaches and clubs all over the world
  • To support talented soccer players
  • To develop means of achieving standardization within street soccer training
  • To provide players and coaches access to best training methods
  • To organize tournaments at national and international levels
  • To promote and develop raw talent
  • To reduce the number of players dropping out from soccer
What can the ISSA do for you?

3v3 Inflatable Fields


Licensee Locations

We Promote You

Club Support

Player Support

Creative Skill Camps

We provide licensees with everything needed to run Street Soccer training sessions, tournaments and high-impact events. It’s all about empowering you with excellent resources, demonstrators and players in the way that best suits you. We understand that Street Soccer is NOT the only method of training that completes a players potential. Therefore, we provide a bespoke curriculum that integrates several methods of training to give you and your coaches everything needed for player development. A License is NOT a franchise, meaning that you are independent of our organization, we don’t expect “our cut”. Rather, we work with you to make your offering worthy of our stamp of approval, something that we as an organization and you as a coach/club can be proud of.
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We bring you the very best skills training camp in the world. The camp is all about coaching players to become more creative and dynamic and to become better decision makers and problem solvers. With a combination of 3v3 inflatable fields, music and some of the best trainers in the world, there is no doubt this camp will be an experience players will never forget. Creative Skill Camps pride themselves on the quality of coaches that run the camp. Our coaches are the best in their field, ranging from Futsal, to real life characters from the EA Sports FIFA Street video game.

Creative Coaching Academy
Coach the Game Make the Player
The Creative Coaching Academy is dedicated to developing creativity in players and does this through providing outstanding education courses to soccer coaches through cutting edge coaching systems. The CCA courses have the ability to enhance coaches at all levels, taking your coaching to a new level, helping players progress to their optimum level, to be able to play without fear. It teaches coaches how to accelerate players learning and assist them to produce better performances. The Coaching Awards have been very carefully designed and structured to show the importance of creating a learning environment that enables players to realise their potential.

Watch & Learn the latest moves from the best Street Soccer players around the world with video tutorials.

Not every coach can demonstrate moves to motivate and educate their players. So, in order to make sure your players have access to learn the very best street soccer moves we have developed Players Zone. Players Zone has been created specifically for players. It is a subscriber only website jam-packed with tutorial videos provided by the Street Soccer elite! Choose a coach, choose a skill level (beginner, intermediate, advanced), choose a skill to learn. The tutorial videos are broken down into manageable steps and use repetition and slow-motion to help make understanding the skill easier.


Coaches Zone is a resource centre for coaches and clubs. Packed full with 500+ high-quality resources covering, Games, Drills, Session plans, Training programs and Coach education. Print your session of choice and coach your team, no hassle, no fuss!

Clubs can now offer a central hub for essential training material and club policy documentation for their coaches. Give first-rate support to your staff and enhance your club offering with a bespoke curriculum.